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10 Reasons Why Summer Sewing is for the Birds.

10 Reasons Why Summer Sewing is for the Birds.

Sewing during the summer months is practically impossible.

choose joy quilt block

Am I right? Here are my top 10 reasons why.

10. There are so many others things to do!

9. Eating popsicles take priority over everything.

8. Exploring. We are still learning and exploring the beautiful town and East Bay area we live in. There is so much to do and see.

7. "Let's go to the park" = go run around outside before it gets too hot and I'll sit and draw for an hour. 

iPad Pro

6. Vacations. We actually took one this year! A very selfish, lay on the beach, no wedding or family reunion vacation. It was spectacular and so good for all of us to just be.

5. Sleeping in. Haha, we stink at this. 

4. It's way too hot in my studio! Add in a hot iron for pressing and I'm cooked. Even with the blackout drapes, turning lights off, fan on high, and redirecting the AC vents... it's pretty much not even worth it.

3. My kids are home. Yay!

2. My kids are home... and bored already. Let's face it so am I. Summers are long.

1.  My kids are home! 

There is already less than a month to go until the school schedule is back in place. My family likes routine, and just when I think we've all learned how to chill out, relax, and play together it's time to start packing lunches and homework crunching before dinner. Then nine months for me to cram in all the good sewing time before summer strikes again.

In all honesty, though, I'm really grateful for this summer. Moving mid-school year wasn't ideal and it came with a lot of challenges for my family. The hardest of which was the 11 month school year, by May we were all done with it. So these past three months I purposely didn't plan camps or sports. There will be plenty of time for that later. It's also the last year both boys will be at the same school, then we start the great middle school and elementary school divide. So what if there is a grand total of 5 quilt blocks finished. Plenty of time for that when the next term begins.

plan to quilt vol 1

This summer has also been terrific for thinking about where I want to take Eva Blake's Makery next. Between the launch of Plan to Quilt, Choose Joy: Quilting with Intention and my newest fabric line Tuppence with Moda I feel like I've found my groove and am excited about the next steps. 

Look forward to more information about a Choose Joy Quilt-a-long! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter for all the details coming soon. 

x Shannon


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