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Because Making Matters

Because Making Matters

This summer I was feeling pretty stumped creatively.

I don't know if it's the let down that happens every spring after the rush of prepping for Quilt Market, the fact that my kids are home 24-7 for three months, or the realization that being creative for a living is a lot of work. Probably a combination of all three.

Stewing over this for a few days and wondering "Why do I make? Why do any of us make? Who cares if I sew, draw, glue, or build anything. It's all temporary, it's all decorative, and really none of it matters long term..."

Or does it? 

I concluded after a lot of pondering and talking out loud to myself that yes it does matter.


It fills me up, it adds beauty to my home, the people I share it with, and the world always needs more awesome beautiful and joyful things.  Plus often while in the process of creating something new I surprise myself. New ideas work. Tinkering and experimenting works! That crazy left field idea to put this color with that one is gorgeous and deep. The combination of materials and methods leads to rule bending. I'm sure a lot of makers feel this way too.

Let's bend rules. Creativity does that, because it matters.

All of this philosophical self-talk ultimate led me to make a quilt.


It is a motto that now hangs in my studio. The lettering and florals are all appliquéd and have a variety of embellishments with Aurifil thread. Although, it is bound and "finished" it will continue to have new elements added to it over time when inspiration strikes.

I am so excited to offer this up as a pattern and cannot wait to see how different inspiration strikes each maker. Enjoy the Making Matters pattern!

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Introducing Emporium

Introducing Emporium