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Studio Tour

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I've been meaning to post this for months now and thanks to my friend Jana who asked me to send her some pictures of my final configuration I've finally gotten around to it!

First of all, I don't have a large space. It's an extra room in our house 9ft x 10ft with a closet, but I'm amazed how much I can fit in this space! Over the years I've had 5 different configurations of furniture, sizes of room, and lighting scenarios to work with. With all of the moving we've done for the past few years, I knew that anything I purchased had to be very flexible! There are a few organizational items that are key and have been used again and again.


So let's start with furniture where IKEA has been invaluable! It was cheapish, white, and easy to configure and build myself. Although I'm not a fan of drawer assembly, it's manageable.

Hutch: with shelves, drawers, and open under storage I got from a friend after helping her move years ago. I painted it white.


Computer desk with drawers: KLIMPEN drawer unit x 2 $89 ea + KLIMPEN 59" table top gave plenty of room to have the two drawer units and large leg area since I often sit cross legged. IKEA also offers a complete desk configuration, but I liked the ala carte style.

Sewing Table with adjustable legs: FINNVARD trestle legs x 2 + KLIMPEN 59" table top  I debated about the legs for a long time and final settled on these, I liked that I can change the height since this is a flexible work space and it gets used for photography and I can make it standing height too.

sewing desk

Cutting Table: metro rack with LINNMON table top $19.99 47" top fits perfect, and has a bit of an overhang, but there isn't a wobble. It's also a hollow core so if I need to mix up the location I can.

cutting table

Metro RacksThese are widely available. Mine are from Costco, steel and very heavy, but they've survived several moves, climbing toddlers, and don't tip over. Lighter weight and cheaper aluminum racks are available too. Check Amazon, restaurant supply, even Target. I topped this half a rack with a table top from IKEA just for a cutting surface.

Two cork boards help keep ideas at the ready and I’ve also be hanging up rulers there too just with pushpins. One stubbornly refuses to stay hung up, so I’ll have to get that sorted out.

My chair and plastic mats are IKEA too, I'm not entirely in love with them but they were white, cheap, and work for now. 

Then there are the little containers that go with in the larger systems, like bins, drawers and dividers. I'll be doing some more detailed posts about how I organize different kinds of craft supplies in the coming weeks. 



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