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Introducing Plan to Quilt

Introducing Plan to Quilt

I like to stay on top of projects.

It is so frustrating to never finish quilts, forget to make a birthday or teacher gift or realize that your brother in law graduating senior is just now getting the quilt you started for them 18 years ago and that original baby blanket size just isn't going to cut it. 

This in combination with realizing I've been writing the same notes down over and over again while I work my way through WIPs and new pattern designs, I knew there must be a better way besides the scraps of sticky notes. So I decided to do something about it.

I know I'm not alone in this. So after much deliberation, reviewing of some of the other quilting planners, and even Franken-steining a store bought a yearly calendar. I saw that I never use the calendar portion for more than a few months. I like to keep all of my appointments are on my iPhone because they come with reminder alarms. I need something just for quilting, don't you?

So after a little finesse, design, and testing, I present you with my Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan organizer! It has 120 pages, a wire bound open flat binding and makes large and small projects so easy to keep track of!


Planner measures 7" x 9" so it's large enough to draw in, not get lost in your sewing room, and still small enough to take the fabric store. Bonus it has a fun bright cover!

Inside the Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan organizer you'll find:

  • Occasions

  • At-a-glance Works in Progress

  • Shopping List

  • Fabric Collection Wishlists

  • Pattern Wishlists

  • 12 Quilt Plan pages with room for fabric swatches

  • 12 Block planning pages

  • 12 Quilting Motif planning pages

  • Plenty of graph paper

  • Time & Cost Calculators

  • Quick Reference of frequently used quilt maths


None of the pages are pre-dated, so it won't matter when you start using it. The focus is on the projects, not on the calendar.

There are 3 volumes planned. Volume 1 will be printed first. Each volume of Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan has room to fully plan out 12 quilts, make sketches, and see all of your projects for the whole year in progress at once. 

Mark it up, make notes, detail your progress, and when it's full you have a record of all the details for each quilt! Make note of details like:

  • typically used stitch settings

  • thread types and weights

  • fabric swatches

  • start and finish dates

  • gifting plans


Currently, the Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan planner is available for pre-sale. Click here to read more about it or skip straight ahead to pre-order yours now. 

If you happen to be at Quilt Market in St. Louis I'll have a copy with me! Meet me in St. Louis... or just follow me on Instagram.

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