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5 Ways to Find Joy in Your Sewing Room

5 Ways to Find Joy in Your Sewing Room

studio joy

Everyone in the country is talking about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo again, now that we are all watching it unfold in real people’s lives via the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It’s a simple concept to only keep what sparks joy. I wonder though how often we think about it for every facet of our material lives.

It’s no secret I keep a pretty tidy studio space. It’s small and I have to treat it like a ship or RV. I was suprised however to find that even after watching Marie’s show I found more ways to take a look at my current studio space and get even more joy from it. Asking myself, “Am I really working with the materials and medium that bring me the most joy? My motto is to Choose Joy, but have I let that go in this creative space?”


You can read all about how I organize my fabric and notions here. This covers the large scale containers and shelving I have.

  1. I really wanted to take a look at what was in the bins. I label everything with a diy chalkboard tape label. I literally stick chalkboard tape over a cereal box and write on it with chalk. I should make a how to post about how to make those more specifically. (note to self)

diy chalkboard labels

2. I’ve been diving into wool felt in a big way lately, but needed a new way to sort it and not just leaving it in a flat stack. Folding the sheets in thirds allows me to tuck in smaller pieces and the felt keeps it stuck together neatly. Also binder clips keep the small pieces of a single color together too.

wool felt organization

3. I also went through my fabric stash and let go of those fabrics that have passed my taste. Those extra fabrics move out to my scrap boxes and end up listed in the shop too.

low volume fabric storage

4. All these fabrics are folded to be about the same size. I cut a long strip of cardboard to fold the fat quarters around and a line across it to indicate how deep it needs to be to fit into the clear box.

5. Last tip. Don’t sew for someone else or from a pattern. Just sew up something small to get your mojo going. Don’t have a deadline and don’t worry about the rules. Just sew! If it goes somewhere or seems interesting to you, keep it up. If not at least you sat down at your machine and got the needle moving.

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