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Big Announcement: Aurifil Thread Designer Box

Big Announcement: Aurifil Thread Designer Box

For those of you who have been following along the last few months I’ve had to keep some radio silence about new things coming this fall. The one I am the most excited about (at the moment) is the release of my Aurifil Thread Designer Perfect Blend Box Set!

AurifilDesignerBox _ShannonGillmanOrr-01.jpeg

Aurifil Thread is like candy, it comes in the most delicious colors and for years I kept thinking how amazing it would be to have a collection of my favorites. Honestly, I never thought I would get the privilege of working with the lovely people at Aurifil! They really are the best and have the best thread.

Everyone has their favorites, but from all the threads I’ve tried I have the best luck with Aurifil in my machine. It doesn’t break or snap and has the smooth finish I’m looking for. Also the colors!

I spent a lot of time thinking sewing with these threads trying to pick my color pallet and realized as much as I adore the bright and jewel colors for top stitching the thread I go through the most quickly is the neutrals. So I chose of group of perfectly bendable threads. They disappear into seams and are neutral enough to match pretty much everything. A soft rainbow to choose from as well as warm and cool grays makes it literally my Perfect Blend.

Perfect Blend collection box is available for pre-order and will be launching at Quilt Market next week for quilt shop wholesale. However, if you’d like to get your hands on a box ASAP you can pre-order them through me now!

This isn’t the end of my announcements either… I decided to spread out the fun. ;)

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