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10 Top Quilty Gift Picks

10 Top Quilty Gift Picks

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Looking for a gift for the quilter in you life? Here is the top 10 on my list.

  1. Seam Fix Seam Ripper
    Because you know you’ve lost yours too. Also, these have handy eraser type end that grips the loose threads, just brush them away!

  2. Machingers Quilting Gloves for Free Motion Quilting by Quilters Touch

    Save your hands. Trust me, having extra grip saves hand fatigue.

  3. Lint Rollers in bulk

    RULE: Always de-lint before you leave your house. How often have you run an errand, run into a friend only to look down and see hundreds of threads clinging to your clothes.

  4. Spray Baste by Therm O Web

    This saves finger tips, back strain, and time!

  5. Olfa 60mm Endurance Blades

    I will never, ever go back to using regular blades again! These endurance blades are no joke and last forever.

  6. Bobbin Buddies

    Genuis! Especially if you toss your threads in a bag to sew on the go, or if you are OCD like me, just like all the bobbins to stay with the threads.

  7. Spool Savers

    Get a grip and hug your little spools tight so they don’t unravel without your permission.

  8. Plan to Quilt

    Research proves if you make a plan you are more inclined to stick with it!

  9. Aurifil Designer Perfect Blend Threads

    Honestly the least “matchy” thread set in town. Soft, neutrals will go with every fabric in your stash.

  10. Compressed air can

    You might expect that compressed air gets used to blow the lint off the sewing machine. But you probably don’t expect that it makes the perfect tool for dusting! I use it to blow off all the dust and lint from my desk and just vacuum up the floor later. You are welcome.

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