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Best Glues for Felt

Best Glues for Felt

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Not all glues are created equal when it comes to felt. Because of the fuzzy nature of felt it tends to stick all over the end of the glue bottle tip and gum up the works. I’ve tried them all and the four below are hands down my favorite.

Favorite quick drying easy clean up glue


fabric fuse liquid glue

Gem Tac

quick dry

Cool Temp

Mini glue gun


Felt & Foam glue

Tips for working with glue in general.

  1. If trying to get into a small space squirt glue out onto a paper plate and pick up what you need with a skewer or the end of a small paintbrush. If using a brush handle immediately swish into a jar of water or you’ll have glue there forever.

  2. Use clothes pins or medium binder clips to keep things in place until they dry. This will save you the time of holding onto everything yourself and tying up your hands.

  3. Be patient. When it all comes down to it. It’s glue, you can’t rush it.

I also prefer 100% merino wool felt. It is super soft, will last forever, and is a renewable resource. You can find several wool felt color options here.

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