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Pin Pals Book

Pin Pals Book

small sewing projects

When your quilting friend Carrie Nelson spends a year writing a book about these tiny quilt blocks turned pincushion projects and asks if you want to make one too… um, you say, “YES!”

Carrie has written Pin Pals, the most adorable book with easier than they look blocks in tiny versions. She also has great tips for sewing and filler options. I’d actually only ever made two pincushions before and they were lumpy and defiantly not worth talking about. These however are so easy!

pin cushion parade

Flipping through the book, I new I had to make the little houses! They are right up my alley. Also all of the supplies I had on hand, hello scrap box. Even with the little bits of batting, we all have those laying about.

sewing set up
pin cushion

I have a few tips of my own for making mini blocks.

  • If the blocks are less than 1/2” square when sewn, cut your seam allowances 1/2”. For example if the instructions say cut 2” square. Add 1/2”…so cut 2 1/2”. Sew seams at 1/2” and trim down.

  • When quilting straight lines. Begin at one edge and block “zig zag” your way across. This way there is no need to start and stop and the quilting will stay square.

mini quilting

See how every other end of the quilting has a “square end”? This will get hidden in the seam allowance, and if you count the stitches across it will keep the spacing the same.

house pin cushion
  • Use rice instead of crushed walnut shells. (Carrie talks about this in her book too) I never have walnut shells, mostly because I can’t stand the mess. Rice we have plenty of.

  • Use a funnel to pour the filler into the pincushion.

  • Keep seams closed with a office style binder clip. NOT a quilt binding clip. These have a much stronger grip and will keep your filling in until you are ready to sew.

house pincushion

There will be pincushion making prizes - some of Carrie’s favorite pinnie-related things!

Prize categories:

Participation - Random prizes to three winners just for participating and posting at least one pincushion. And to be officially entered, at least one picture has to be posted with the book in the picture!  
Iron Pinnie Prize - Folks who make and post a pincushion every day of the challenge are entered to win a prize. If there are only a handful of people who do that, then I think each of them is likely to win something. I would prefer not to announce this until Monday, January 14 - no working ahead! 
Certifiable - Make the 4" Swoon or Mini Bear-Paw to be entered into a random drawing for a "Certifiable" prize. 

Use three hashtags - #pinpalchallenge /  #madewithmartingale / #showmethemoda

Good luck!

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