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Lemon-Aid for Quilters & Shops

Lemon-Aid for Quilters & Shops

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I’ve been teaching quilters and shop owners about color and had a major epiphany. Not all quilters or shop owners understand color theory!


I know, right! I was super surprised too. Then I realized it’s because people are drawn to quilting for the cozy art of it all. We love to make and give quilts. We make quilts for babies, weddings, graduations, for fun, for art, and to use up those scraps and stashes. BUT sometimes something looks off and we can’t see or figure out why. You know those facebook groups where people post a quilt and ask…

  • Why does this look weird?

  • What color border or sashing should I do?

OR the quilt just has a whole lot of too much going on with a good dose of uncertainty. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Lots of prints the same size

  • Lots of similar colors and tones so it just washes out

  • Awkward color combinations

  • Timid about mixing designer collections

  • Scared to use pretty fat quarter bundles

See, the funny thing about quilting fabric is that independent of the quilt each piece of fabric is a work of art… which we then cut up into little pieces and sew them into patchwork. Making it possibly twice as hard as a painter who is just painting in “solids”.

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I get crazy excited about color!

I love the endless combinations. Staring at a wall of paint swatches and fabrics, mixing them all up into new combinations is my JAM!

It can be yours too!

Or at least you can have full confidence that you know what you are doing when it comes to mixing up colors, prints, and scale. I created Lemon-Aid to help with just that. It’s a 2 week online course that comes to you with all the tools you need to build your color muscles.

Class begins May 15

But you’ll have private access for 6 months.

If you own a quilt shop I’ve created a special version just for you that mixes in Lemon+Aid Color Theory and Merchandising Magic Sugar.

Enrollment opens MAY 1, the class begins May 15. It will give you a solid color theory foundation and actionable know-how to confidently make color combinations and fabric pulls that work every time.

Color Theory Course OPEN!

Color Theory Course OPEN!

Facets & Moving Forward

Facets & Moving Forward