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10 Ways to Boost Creativity

10 Ways to Boost Creativity


Get Unstuck

  • Routine can trap you. If you are doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results…that’s called insanity. Don’t be dumb. Doing the same thing in the same order in the same space day after day is mind numbing and soul sucking. Even just doing your daily routine in a reverse order can free up time and open ideas and pathways you didn’t see before.

Shut it down

  • Literally. Turn off the phone. Turn off the computer. Turn off the music. Turn off all your digital distractions and just sit in a new location for 5-15 minutes and just breathe. A little zen goes a long way.

Nicole Honeywell

Nicole Honeywell

Walk away

  • Get outside, get your blood moving! Don’t do this ear buds or a podcast. Just walk and observe what’s new in the neighborhood. Listen to the birds, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the breeze. Be grateful to be here right now.

Take pictures

  • Get out your phone or better yet a real camera and take photos of the little details you love about your work, your space, your art, your home, your shoes… anything will work. Looking at your life in micro will open up color, texture, and combinations you didn’t see before and might just get your creative wheels turning again.

Noemi Macavei-Katocz

Noemi Macavei-Katocz

Switch mediums

  • If you are a painter or a digital artist or a sculptor or any other kind of artist, change up your mediums. Let yourself experiment with markers, chalk, paper, stamps, baking, food, or anything other than what you’ve been using. You have a the time and the permission. Maybe you’ll think of ways you can combine these things into something new all together.

Go to a museum

  • Take an afternoon and head to your local gallery or museum. Looking at the art of historically professional artists, young creatives, or modern pop art just gives you perspective that we are all in this together. Even the masters had to work at their craft. Look at the way others use light, texture, mediums, composition and just appreciate it. You don’t have to love or even like the art, but take note of what you think they are doing well. Jot down what you’ve learned and think.

Write down your excuses

  • You know you have them. What is holding you back. Make an honest list of every fear and excuse, then make a list of the opposite. So if you think your “Not good enough” cross it out and write “I am honing my craft”

  • Looking for all the reasons you might be stuck? Read Why Inspiration Takes a Hike … and how to fix it.

Dance it out

  • Find that favorite pump up song! Play it loud and proud and dance! No one is watching and frankly no one cares. A body in motion stays in motion and will improve your mind too.

Change your environment

  • Feeling a rut? Pack up your things and take your work to the streets. Take it to the park. Take it to the beach, to a pier, to a public transit line and draw what you see. Take it to the library or a bookstore or a coffee shop. Draw what you eat or hear or see in the bakery case.

Hang out with some kids

  • Kids have few boundaries or limitations. They don’t limit their creativity, adults teach them how to do that. Kids also play! It’s ok to play. Color with crayons, build a fort, or finger-paint. Imagine and pretend and play. If you have kids they will more than appreciate your attention. If you don’t borrow some nieces and nephews, offer to babysit a toddler, or volunteer at your local school as a guest artist for a few weeks.

A good, easy, inexpensive option to get your creative ball rolling again could be to try something new. Take my Paint Everyday Skillshare class with 2 months free and begin to get back in the habit today.

Why Inspiration Takes a Hike ... and how to call it back

Why Inspiration Takes a Hike ... and how to call it back

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On Demand