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Why Inspiration Takes a Hike ... and how to call it back

Why Inspiration Takes a Hike ... and how to call it back


We’ve all had those lapse in creative inspiration. You can’t find the motivation or you have no idea of what to do or where to go next. The muses left you hanging and you’re not sure where to find them. Below you’ll find a list of the top 10 reasons inspiration may have decided to take a vacation and how you can put yourself in the right head space to call it back.

Austin Chan

Austin Chan

  1. Doubt yourself

    • Forgetting you are the only person on the planet and in the entire history of the world who can create the way you do will do it.

    • No one else has been or will ever be you.

  2. Doubt your work

    • Believing the lie that there isn’t room for the work you create will stop you dead in your tracks. Stop it!

    • Put your art out into the world and give others permission to do the same.

  3. Forget your why

    • Believing the lie that your why is silly, or dumb, or insignificant in the world is false.

    • Have confidence that your reason matters

  4. Listen to the critics

    1. Yes, because that external or inner critic in the form of creative directors or your 5th grade teacher is always right.

    2. What?! No! The only person who get’s to talk that way to you is you…and I think you should be nicer to yourself than that.

  5. Get caught up in the numbers

    • Because the thousands of people who follow you on instagram are actually all real customers.

    • No. Actually a very small percentage of those followers on any platform are real. A smaller percentage of them are customers. Most of them are just enjoying watching your life or business.

  6. Focus on the money

    • Because the money is always right.

    • NO! Money is only a sign of appreciation or thanks for services rendered or product changing hands. Money will pay your bills, but people don’t buy things from you because they want you to pay your bills. People buy from you because you have something amazing to share with them.

  7. Make what others want

    • If you’ve ever heard anyone say, “You should sell this!” Ignore them.

    • You created your art for you and you might have created something to solve a problem. If you’re looking for a make money quick item…creativity and art are not the places to find them.

  8. Put too much on your plate

    • Right, because you can do everything for everyone all of the time. After all you are an octopus who can keep 8 plates simultaneous spinning.

    • No. You can only focus on 1 thing at a time. What is your focus right now? You can either make art or you can make dinner. Making art while making dinner means paint in the pasta and an inedible mess for all. FOCUS.

  9. Set ridiculous deadlines

    • Some would argue that deadlines keep us motivated, they can, but deadlines can also cause undue stress…especially if you set those deadlines arbitrarily yourself.

    • Having goals is good. Have goals, but keep them reasonably challenging and achievable. Setting a goal to make 12 dozen cookies in 12 minutes is dumb. Setting a goal to eat 12 cookies in 12 minutes is challenging and achievable.

    • I am in no way suggesting you eat 12 cookies, but it if that is your goal and you have to live with it…and this might be a good thing to delegate.

  10. Quit

    • If things don’t work out you should quit.

    • If things don’t work out you should take a minute and evaluate. Is the thing worth trying again? Is it important to you? Is it something you’d regret later on if you never tried? In some cases yes, you should quit, in others…maybe not.

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