Lemon+Aid Color Theory for Quilt Shops

Lemon+Aid Color Theory for Quilt Shops


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Learn a whole college semester worth of color know-how in the context of textiles.

This course is recommended for anyone working in a quilt shop. It gives a solid color theory foundation then adds the concepts to the principles found in fabric and how to integrate them beautifully into quilting. Painters paint with solids. Quilters make art by cutting up many textile arts then sewing them back together to create a new pattern.

In this 2 week course you will:

  • Help your customers choose beautiful coordinating fabrics for any project

  • Turn so-so quilts into exceptional quilts

  • Sell more fabrics

  • Create gorgeous custom bundles

  • Pull together exceptional samples that pop

  • Give your staff confidence in color

  • Make use of the patterns and books you already have in stock

  • Know why some quilts work well and others fall flat

  • Confidently choose your own beautiful coordinating fabrics for any project from shop shelves

  • Create gorgeous custom fabric pulls like an expert

  • Sew quilt tops that have all the elements of color, composition, and color placement so they pop.

  • Have complete confidence in your color and fabric choices every time

  • Know how to use those “ugly” fabrics

  • AND MORE!!

Color Theory Course includes:

  • A comprehensive course about color + textiles

  • 15 video classes

  • 2 weeks of direct to in-box teaching

  • 60 + page bound Lemon-Aid Color workbook

  • 120 Color Cards

BONUS items:

  • (3) 15 minute Quilt troubleshooting calls

  • 4 additional workbooks for staff

  • 6 months private access to all video materials

  • 4 Color Wheel Selectors

After you enroll you will:

  1. be mailed your materials

  2. be notified on May 15 when course videos go LIVE

  3. be given a password to access the private course page

  4. be given a link to sign up for 1 troubleshooting call

  5. be encouraged to get social on Instagram via the hashtag #lemonaidcolortheory

The fine print aka Terms & Conditions

By enrolling Lemon+Aid Color Theory for Quilt Shops you agree to the Integrity Policy. No full or partial refunds will be given for any reason or any time and materials may not be returned. I am not responsible for any damage done in the shipping and mailing, once the package leaves my hands it’s all up to the fate of the postal service. If you are outside of mainland United States or Canada “international” student you will be both mailed a physical materials package and emailed a pdf version for your use. The course begins May 15 2019, delivery by that date is not guaranteed.

If you can not begin the course on May 15, 2019 begin when you can, you will have password protected rights to the videos for 6 months (valid until Nov 1, 2019).

All rights are reserved. No part of the materials covered by the copyright may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping of information, scanning, uploading and distribution of the book or videos or any part thereof via the internet or any other means - without the written permission of the author is illegal. Shannon Gillman Orr creator of Eva Blake’s Makery retains all rights and privileges for this work spoken, written, and illustrated.

Any color and fabric choices you make during and after taking this class. I am not to be held responsible for colors and fabrics chosen on your end, however this course does the very best at teaching all it can to help foster a foundation in color stories and groups. Any information about color, theory and history is as accurate as I know both from experience and research. If you find errors it’s because they are human, aren’t we all. Kind comments and feedback is always welcome. Please email me with any additional questions you may have. Lemon+Aid Color Theory for Quilt Shops FAQ can be found at the bottom of this page.