Quilt to Plan Features Overview

Quilt to Plan, Plan to Quilt is the Ultimate quilt project organizer! With room for 12 complete quilt projects you'll get those Works in Progress in no time.

This organizer measures 8.5" x 9.5" so it's large enough to draw and take notes in, not get lost in your sewing room, and still small enough to take the fabric store. It also has a bright and sturdy cover.

Inside the Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan planner you'll find 120 full-color pages with:

Volume 1, with the popular hexagon cover is NOW for sale.

At a Glance Pages

Quickly see all of your quilting projects in one place. Clear and easy to use pages with color codes for each project.

  • Occasions
  • At-a-glance Works in Progress
  • Project checklist
  • Shopping List
  • Fabric Collection Wishlists
  • Pattern Wish-lists
  • Cost Calculators
  • Time Calculator



“I always have my projects scattered about. Plan to Quilt has everything I need to keep my quilting, fabric store runs, and expenses organized. It’s a great tool and I’m awaiting Vol. 2!”
— Nicole Marie Quilts
project checklist

12 Quilt Project Plans

Plan to Quilt, Quilt to Plan organizer is project focused, no calendar included. You decide your own project pace. Each of the 12 color coded project planning pages include:

  • Project names and occasssions
  • Pattern and fabric collections
  • Swatch and color choices
  • Thread and stitch settings
  • Occassion
  • Graph paper
  • Quilting motif doodle space
  • Cost Calculator
“Finally, a planner not tied to a calendar! Wonderful project tracking pages. Nice big graph pages to draw next design ideas. Just the right size and so pretty!”
— Coneflower Quilt Company
Quilt to Plan, Plan to Quilt

Quick References

All the quilt maths you find yourself looking up again and again for precuts, yardage requirements, and typical quilt sizes are easy to find on the reference pages. 

  • Common Yardages
  • Precut quantities & uses
  • Typical Quilt Sizes
  • How to Choose Colors
  • Backing Yardage
  • Binding Yardage
  • Notes 



This book is AWESOME! It has space to keep track of 12 projects with all the details. Plenty of room for notes, sketches, and a ton of reference pages! I may have 2 books in progress already!
— Main Street Quilt Company
standard quilts