Plan to Quilt FAQ 

the ultimate calendar free planner for quilters

Is there a calendar?

Nope. Quilters are project focused. Not date focused. Although you can assign your own deadlines where indicated if you have a special occasion (like graduation, new baby etc). 

Why only 12 projects in each Volume?

Some people quilt faster or slower than others. On average a quilter will complete 10-20 quilts in a year. For Plan to Quilt, 10 seemed like too few and 20 looked intimidating. Settling on 12 allowed for plenty of planning pages for each project.


Are the references different in each Volume?


How big is Plan to Quilt?


When will Volume 2 be available?


It's almost a new year, do I need the next Volume right away?


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Yes. All volumes are planned to have their own set of references to keep it interesting. Vol 1 talks about precuts, color, scale, and backings. Volume 2 will address batting, thread, and needle selections. Volume 3 is yet to be determined.


120+ pages of planning goodness measuring at about 9" x 10" and wire-bound to lay flat or fold back. Big enough to take notes in, yet small enough to take to the fabric store.


Plan to Quilt Volume 2 is currently available for pre-order. This means that as soon as printing minimums (meaning enough have sold in the pre-order phase) are met it will be ready to head to the presses and get shipped out to you!


Plan to Quilt is NOT calendar based, so there is no rush to buy the next Plan to Quilt Volume. If you have filled out all of Volume 1, plans #1-12 and are ready to plan out quilt projects #13-24 then YES! 


Plan to Quilt is available for wholesale. Please contact me for ordering details.