DIY Quilt Pattern Drafting & Design

It's not a super power to reverse engineer a quilt block you've been eyeing. This workshop focuses on quilt maths, design skills and construction basics. Over the course of 3 hours you'll learn how to draft your own quilt block, scale it, and make it into a pattern others can follow. Contact me for scheduling, class size, and fees.

How to Paper Piece-03.jpg

Paper Foundation Piecing

This form of paper piecing isn't hand sewn like English Paper Piecing (EPP) but rather sewn in reverse and through paper. Learn how to flip this technique of quilting inside out and backwards as you sew along with me. Perfect for any size of quilt block from itty-bitty to oversized. Very basic sewing skills required. Contact me for scheduling and fees.



How to use your 'Uglies'

Everyone has them. Fabrics in your stash you used to love and now seem a little lack-luster, prints that were given to you and you can't bear to through out, shades of awkward colors that don't seem to go with anything. 

In this color theory class with fabrics you'll learn how to pull out the best from your 'ugly' fabrics and blend them with newer fabrics that enhance, not detract from the design.You'll learn techniques that help everything in your stash play nice together.

Contact me for availablity and fees.